Community Kitchen

Our Community Kitchen program provides access to meals, fosters social support, teaches cooking skills, and encourages resource-sharing.

Our Community Kitchen program is a vital resource addressing food insecurity by providing meals, fostering social support, and teaching essential skills. Through cooking classes, we empower participants with culinary skills using affordable ingredients.

Budgeting and grocery shopping classes equip them with financial literacy, enabling healthier choices within their means. By fostering collaboration and resource-sharing, we amplify our impact. Ultimately, our program nourishes bodies, builds connections, and strengthens our community.

These sessions aim to empower participants with the financial literacy needed to make informed decisions when purchasing food, enabling them to stretch their resources further and make healthier choices within their means.

By addressing the root causes of food insecurity, such as limited financial resources and lack of nutritional knowledge, we strive to create sustainable solutions that promote long-term food security and well-being within our community.


For inquiries regarding Community Kitchen, please contact All phone calls and registration details are strictly confidential.


Community Meals