Become a Member

Join the Stepping Stones Crisis Society, and become an essential force in transforming our community. Your membership directly fuels our mission to combat crises, particularly family violence, and empowers programs crucial to uplifting individuals throughout our region.

As a member, you're not simply making a financial contribution; you're actively participating in the fight against family violence. Your support amplifies our ability to provide aid, resources, and essential programs for those impacted by these challenges. It's an opportunity to join a community dedicated to promoting social welfare, fostering safe environments, and enabling individuals to lead healthier lives.

Your membership is the backbone of our efforts, enabling us to expand outreach, implement educational initiatives, and establish secure havens for those seeking guidance or refuge. Each member's involvement strengthens our collective impact, fostering empathy, resilience, and support for those facing adversity.

Membership Benefits

  • Voting privileges at the annual AGM and special meetings.
  • Discount on event tickets and community training.
  • Eligibility to apply to become a board member.
  • The amazing feeling that comes with creating safety and support for members in our community who are experiencing crisis.