Our Public Education Program works to increase awareness on the social issues related to family and gender-based violence and healthy relationships.

We offer presentations and workshops on topics such as domestic violence, healthy relationships, bullying, and empowerment. We also offer programs such as: Better Way, Healthy Youth Relationships, and “Cut It Out.”

For information on attending one of these programs, or to request a custom presentation please contact priorities@steppingstonessociety.ca.


Better Way

We revamped the Better Way program, which will launch in September of 2022 to serve both men and women. This program will continue to provide participants with the education, skills, and resources they require to make the necessary changes in their relationships and resolve conflicts peacefully.

Empowering Women

This program focuses on self-and-female empowerment to increase self-worth, self-esteem, and work on both soft skills and hard skills. Sessions can include physical and mental health, wellness, managing money, healthy relationships, sexual health, and more.

Empowering Teens

Helps build confidence and skills to deal with everyday issues and stress by offering new coping skills developed for youth.

Healthy Youth Relationships

Helps youth to develop the relationship skills required to build and maintain healthy relationships. HYR presents youth with a chance to develop their self-awareness and decision-making skills.

Cut it Out

Violence against women occurs in every community, and can have long-lasting, devasting impacts on individual, friends, family, and the community. Too often, victims of domestic violence are isolated by the perpetrator of violence away from supports and are forced to endure the abuse, leaving them minimal avenues to turn for safety and support. The unique nature of relationships established between salon professionals and their clients offer an opportunity to support victims of abuse. Salon professionals can play a key role in helping victims of family violence by recognizing the signs of domestic violence through the “Cut it Out” program. This training requires a time commitment of 1.5 hours.

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