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Building Better Futures


In 2020, plans were initiated to consolidate our three separate facilities into a single, more functional and accessible building. The existing structure was deemed inadequate and the cost of bringing it up to code exceeded its value. A new construction would address our clients' needs more effectively.
Our new build aims to consolidate all our programs and services into one accessible location, thereby reducing the barriers for community members to access these services. The City of Cold Lake is backing our vision by providing a strategically located piece of land close to schools, healthcare facilities, businesses, and a transit line.

Although we’ve secured Federal and Provincial government funding for our project, the financial support is not sufficient to cover the entire cost of construction, which has been increasing, especially in Northern communities like Cold Lake. We are seeking community support and donations from others concerned about the domestic abuse issue that is a glaring, yet overlooked problem in our society. Our ambitious fundraising goal is $15 million, a large amount, but essential for the cause we serve. Your generous contributions can make a significant difference and bring us closer to solving the problem of domestic violence.

Our plan for 2024 is to open a 50,000 square foot four-story building that can accommodate double the number of clients we currently serve. The facility will be designed with shared spaces such as a childcare area, community kitchens, pet housing, a salon, and an in-house school for children unable to return to their regular school due to distance or safety concerns.
The building will also have community support spaces open to all who need them, regardless of whether they reside at the shelter. These spaces will feature private meeting rooms, training rooms, and a resource library to foster life skills and mental well-being.
Spiritual and cultural support will continue to be a crucial part of our operations. We’ll provide safe spaces for practices such as smudging and prayers, which contribute to hope and healing.

The building will be designed according to trauma-informed principles to create calm and safe spaces that promote openness, light, and comfort. As a net-zero building, it will feature green spaces, a healing garden, and a playground in the secure courtyard, enhancing the quality of life for all our facility residents.

  • 2020Identification and Investigation

    Program delivery impacted. Barriers and limitations identified. Full review of programs, and infrastructure. Concluded that renovations would not be an appropriate long term solution.
  • 2021Conceptualization

    Early design and conceptualizing on a new building if funding was awarded. Applications for capital grant funding submitted.
  • 2022First Grant Funding Attained

    Grant funding awarded for original cost of the build. Building designs underway, prioritizing supporting our local economy to build after the downturn during the pandemic. The rising cost of materials compounds on the cost to build.
  • 2023Breaking Ground

    We break ground, and fundraising commences.
  • 2024Estimated Completion

    Anticipated project completion date is December 2024!

Key Elements

  • Twelve apartments
  • Sixty three beds
  • Childcare area
  • Community kitchens
  • Pet housing
  • Salon
  • In-house school
  • Community support spaces
  • Private meeting spaces
  • Training rooms
  • Resource library
  • Trauma-informed design principles
  • Net zero
  • Secure courtyard
  • Healing Garden
  • Playground

Since we opened our doors in 1982, we have provided:

  • Shelter for over 12,000 women in need.

  • Over 105,000 safe bed nights for women and children in crisis, averaging 3,000 safe bed nights per year over the last 10 years.

Join us in creating the Stepping Stones to Hope

Your generosity will help families in our community in what is often the scariest, darkest days of their lives.

  • Commit to a multi-year pledge

  • Give a one-time cash gift

  • Donate stocks and securities

  • Inspire others to join the campaign

* Please contact us to discuss naming opportunities, including corporate sponsorship.

There is an urgent need to care for our community members experiencing domestic abuse, and ensure our services are available across our region. With your help, Stepping Stones Crisis Society will secure $15 million to meet our ambitious timeline.

Help the Stepping Stones Crisis Society be the safe refuge we need to be for the Cold Lake and the Lakeland area families that need us the most.


Stepping Stones is here to help you. You are never alone, and together we are strong. If you need assistance, please contact us.

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