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We assist at-risk pregnant women throughout their pregnancies and for up to one year after delivery. Our support includes providing milk coupons, as well as fresh fruit and vegetable coupons.

We offer services to vulnerable, pregnant women so they and their babies will be healthy - during and after pregnancy.

We welcome women in marginalized and vulnerable demographics, teen pregnancy, social and geographical isolation, recent arrival to Canada, and victims of family violence.

“When asked what this program means to me, I was almost left speechless. I am a single mother who didn’t have the financial, emotional, or family support that I needed. Becoming a parent is tough and sometimes a soul-ending rush of emotions. There were days I needed emotional support from Healthy Babies, and others when I needed assistance with clothes, milk, and even food. But at the end of the day, I knew Healthy Babies would be there for me. You've helped make motherhood easier and, some days, literally saved my life!”

  • Mom and baby, Healthy Babies program participants.

For inquiries regarding our Healthy Babies program, please contact All phone calls and registration details are strictly confidential.


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